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My name is Eric Villalpando and I am a senior double majoring in theology and history. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas and was born and raised here I hope to enter into graduate school at Notre Dame when I graduate and be apart of the ACE program that they have there. ACE stands for the Alliance for Catholic Education which dedicates itself to teaching and equipping teachers for the catholic school setting. I would be a teacher and I would be a student at Notre Dame both of which have been dreams of mine since I first started college. I want to teach for two reasons for the students and for Jesus, this sounds funny but I truly believe that is where my ministry is. I love working with kids especially teenagers, teaching seemed like one of the best ways I could interact with kids not only on an intellectual level but on a supportive level. For me high school was such a difficult time I was transitioning on every level and it was a real struggle to handle friends, myself, and growing up. I lacked belief or motivation in myself but luckily I had teachers who supported me. Specifically a Spanish teacher of mine helped me really believe in myself and what I could do. She pulled me aside one year in high school after I turned in a half hearted paper and said “Eric what are you doing? You are so much better then this.” It was the first time someone checked me and really made me think she supported me and helped me improve by simply believing in me.  In this class I hope to continue to expand my knowledge in learning how to best facilitate the concept of history.  I think content is one part of history dates and times and sources are really what make up what we know about historical events dates and people. But what I really want to begin to interact with history and dive into with it is how history is taken and explained how history is taken and shown to the public. In understanding its many forms I hope to be able in a classroom to share with students. For me public history can expand our understanding of the way we express and help people learn and understand it all. That is why I want to start to interact with it more.

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