The Short Introduction of Jacob

Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Henson, but I simply go by Jacob. I don’t normally have nicknames, so it’s just Jacob. I know…kind of lame…but that’s me.

Anyways, I am a 22 year old regular guy, senior, at St. Mary’s University seeking a double major in Theology and International Relations. People then usually response to that with, “Wow, that’s an interesting combination. What do you plan on doing with that?” I in turn respond to that with five awkward seconds of silence…It’s still up in the the air for me but I usually end up saying that I want to find some kind of work in the nonprofit world.

With graduation just around the corner, I anticipate to graduate in the fall of 2018; what comes after that still scares me. I’m still not sure where I see myself working, but my train of thought thinks it may be with HEB. See, I currently work in the Bakery department of the newest HEB that opened up in the Alamo Ranch area and I say that I might see myself working with HEB after graduation because HEB offers positions in the Public Affairs & Diversity department. After understanding what the heck that entails, you might then understand why I think this suits me.

See, this department basically teams up with nonprofits and serves in a variety of ways in sponsored events. Knowing that I’ll have a year background with HEB by the time I graduate, I infer that this could be a good fit for me. At least, that’s the idea for now anyways…

In regards to this class, however, The Power of the Past: Public History, I hope to learn more specifically about how history is structured and presented to help the public learn effectively yet also have fun with it. In other words, I’m curious to know the strategies public history uses to effectively communicate with and educate people. Additionally, I’m curious to know if there are public histories that are more important than others, and if so, where are these histories located?

Lastly, touching on the point of ‘what a teacher has done for me to best facilitate my learning’ would most definitely have to been the way teachers give detailed feedback to me.

I appreciate when my teachers leave comments on my essays or quizzes when they like my responses, or on the other hand, think I could improve them in such a way. This is especially important to me on essays. For example, I appreciate this one professor I had last year, Dr. Keyes, who would leave several comments on the essays I turned in online. I believe she did this so that she could either reaffirm what I learned from my work or highlight the areas I didn’t understand as well as I could have.

Well, with all this to say, I leave writing that I look forward to a great semester with you all and to the discussions that will come about!

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