141st Infantry Regiment


 Historical marker, San Antonio, Texas, 141ST infantry Regiment, Bexar county
141st infantry Regiment historical marker located in San Antonio, Texas

“ To the men who died at the Alamo: All Texans a claim both and song and in the story the days of our youth – the days of your glory may they also remember, wherever they go, the man left behind at some far Alamo”

   The  state  of Texas has a long history of  military affairs.   When it comes to military affairs the 141st infantry Regiment has the title of the oldest militia unit in Texas for the United Stares Army.  The 141st infantry Regiment has a long history of military  involvement by being able to trace its lineage back to the Texas revolution of 1836.  In  addition to the Texas revolution the 141st infantry Regiment can trace its involvement back to the Spanish American war of 1898, the Cuban occupation of 1898, the Mexican border service beginning in 1916, World War I in 1918, and World War II from 1941-1945.  The 141st  infantry division’s  military history continues on now as part of the 72nd Birgade  Combat Division.

This is  historical  marker, dedicated to the 141st infantry division, does not do the history of this military division justice.  This military division has such an extensive history that we can’t fully see the whole picture of the significance of this division  from what is shown on this historical marker.  Much like you may have been, I was also very surprised of the extensive military lineage of the oldest militia unit in Texas.  What stands out most to me is the infantry units motto, “Remember the Alamo.”  What surprised me most about this motto is that it is still said to this day. The history behind this motto is something that is deeply rooted into all Texans.

St. Mary’s School of Law

St. Mary’s School of Law is located in San Antonio, Texas and is one of nine law schools in Texas accredited by the American Bar Association. Established in 1927 as the only private Catholic law school in Texas. St. Mary’s School of Law equips aspiring AttorneySt. Mary's University, Law School entrance, San Antonio, Texas‘s with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the court room. The St. Mary’s school of Law provides a number of academic programs including, clinical programs, study abroad, the largest legal information center in San Antonio, and regional and national moot court and mock trial competitions.

Archbishop Flores Hall: No Longer Arching Into the Lives of Students

Two Story Residential Building
Archbishop Flores Hall. Courtesy of Alicia A. Guzman.

Built in 1984, Archbishop Flores Residence hall at St. Mary’s University has given thousands of students a place to call home for decades. Like its namesake, Archbishop Patrick Flores, it fostered an environment that was welcoming and community-based living, connecting students to one another. This two-story, open apartment-style building is set for demolition due to the university’s effort to revitalize residence life.

St. Mary’s students have seen the hall bustling with life for years. As of the fall of 2017, the hall has been closed for residents only with the exception of emergencies.


St. Louis Hall

St. Louis Hall was the first building added in the modern-day St. Mary’s campus; construction of the building was finished in 1894. St. Mary’s initially established near the San Antonio River walk. St. Louis Hall was originally named St. Louis College and started as an all boys boarding school. In 1904 a full college-curriculum was added and later in 1927 the name officially was changed to St. Mary’s University.  Finally, during the 1960s St. Mary’s University became a co-ed campus.Photo of a building

Barret Memorial Bell Tower

St. Mary's University Bell Tower, located in San Antonio, Texas
St. Mary’s University Bell Tower dedicated to Charles T. Barrett Jr.

The bell tower at St. Mary’s University, located in San Antonio, is the focal point of the school and its illustrious history.  The 100-foot tower was dedicated for St. Mary’s alumnus, Charles T. Barrett, whose vision of the tower was to bring together the St. Mary’s community.

The St. Mary’s bell tower is at the center of St. Mary’s where it is on full display. It is one of the most notable aspects of the campus. It brings out a sense of pride to the students, faculty, and alumni because it displays the overall beauty of St. Mary’s University.