The One, The Only

My name is Madeline Alyssa Ochoa and I am a Sophomore student attending St.Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. I was born at the Women’s and Children’s hospital one cool autumn evening and have been a blight on the world ever since [insert awkward laughter here]. It was during my childhood that I discovered my passion for history, but it was not until I attended Northwest Vista College that my fondness for history was rekindled. That isn’t to say that history is my sole preoccupation, in fact, my keenness for psychology began after seeing the infamously tawdry film, Batman Forever. There was something about Nicole Kidman’s performance as Dr.Chase Meridian that forever ensorcelled me. To date, she remains to be one of the only female protagonists in the Batman films to have discovered the true identity of Batman without the aid of Bruce Wayne.

This is a picture of Nicole Kidman as Dr.Chase Meridian from the 1995 Joel Schumacher film Batman Forever. This image was taken from the website

Why (one might ask) get a degree in both Psychology and History? I feel that this will allow me to broaden my horizons as a psychiatrist and that if I have an understanding of my clients’ culture as well as the history of their home countries I will have more of an insight as to what may have influenced their ideology.

Outside of the academics, my diversions include editing videos and creating tributes of films that I find to be interesting or visually appealing as well as recreating my favorite Gordon Ramsay dishes. I am a self-taught video editor and have familiarized myself with programs such as Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, as well as iMovie. I began editing in 2007 by using nothing more than Windows Movie Maker and have since then moved on to more sophisticated editing software.  When I look back at the first video that I made as a child I can hardly believe how far I’ve come. I hope to conquer After Effects soon, though I recognize that it will take both time and patience. I’ve dabbled with the program once or twice in the past, but I found it to be incredibly daunting. If all goes according to plan, I shall have the program mastered by the end of 2018! 

(warning, this contains profanity and should only be viewed by a mature audience)

Films used: Under The Red Hood, Gone Girl, Batman vs Superman, Thor: Dark World, Thor, The Avengers, Wrath of the Titans, Fracture, Return To Sender, Watchmen, Suicide Squad

Editing program: Sony Vegas Pro 13

Song: So Close by Ólafur Arnalds

As for cooking, while I am no Julia Child that does not stop me from enjoying myself in the kitchen and testing recipes that are far above my level of expertise. Recently I made a strawberry clafoutis for my grandparents, alas it was visually unappealing due to the fact that I was forced to use frozen strawberries. Nevertheless one must recognize that an aesthetically pleasing dish does not necessarily to equate to an appetizing dish. I have had the displeasure of tasting many beautiful dishes that were lacking in flavor. What my clafoutis lacked in elegance it made up for in flavor. Below I will be providing a picture of my attempt to recreate Gordon Ramsay’s fluffy scrambled eggs. 

This is a picture that I took of my recreation of Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

My expectations for this class are as follows: my writing skills will be improved, I will have learned the academic definition of what public history is, and I will be a more well rounded person for having been in this class (ideally I’d like to have a better understanding of certain events or of the culture(s) that we will be studying during this Spring semester).

In my humble opinion, I feel that hands on activities are crucial in any type of learning environment. I realize that not every subject is able to include kinesthetic learning techniques, but it certainly helps when a professor tries to incorporate this type of learning in the classroom. Another technique that has made it less arduous on myself as well as other students is when professors highlight what we will be learning at the beginning of the lesson and repeat what we ought to have learned once the lesson has concluded.

This is an image of a stick figure student leaping for joy while holding their assignment that received an A+ in the air. This image was taken from

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