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Hello! My name is Alicia and I’m a senior here at St. Mary’s and a history major on the thesis track. I also work here as the Administrative Assistant for the Core Curriculum, Theology, and Drama departments. When I graduated for high school many moons ago, St. Mary’s was my dream college. I didn’t follow that path then, but I have been blessed to have the opportunity to attend now. I’m interested in learning about the fields outside of academia where a history degree can be useful. It is helpful to me when my teachers can communicate effectively about what they expect from their students.

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My name’s Mario Sosa and I am currently a senior here at St. Mary’s University. As a history major, I am looking towards the public history track. I would like to learn how to be able to make history more captivating to the general public through the media and other methods. The main goal is knowing how to educate the public in a way that makes the material not only interesting but also impactful. I would have to thank my U.S. history teacher from high school, since that was the class that really got me into the realm of history. I have no doubt that this class will help familiarize me with what public history is all about and what I can do in it.


Hello ya’ll! My name is Alexis Soto and I am a “senior” at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. I am majoring in Public History and minoring in International Relations. I was born in Durango, Mexico and was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. My interest in History was evident early on as I enjoyed my history courses and found the subject to be of great interests. After changing majors a few times I settled on Public History because I hope to one day be able express history to the general public through media and entertainment in ways that could lead to an educational experience. One of my favorite video games was Assassin’s Creed II which introduced me to Renaissance Italy and to its incredible history through game play. Perhaps I can create something that can lead to a similar experience for someone else.

The One, The Only

My name is Madeline Alyssa Ochoa and I am a Sophomore student attending St.Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. I was born at the Women’s and Children’s hospital one cool autumn evening and have been a blight on the world ever since [insert awkward laughter here]. It was during my childhood that I discovered my passion for history, but it was not until I attended Northwest Vista College that my fondness for history was rekindled. That isn’t to say that history is my sole preoccupation, in fact, my keenness for psychology began after seeing the infamously tawdry film, Batman Forever. There was something about Nicole Kidman’s performance as Dr.Chase Meridian that forever ensorcelled me. To date, she remains to be one of the only female protagonists in the Batman films to have discovered the true identity of Batman without the aid of Bruce Wayne.

This is a picture of Nicole Kidman as Dr.Chase Meridian from the 1995 Joel Schumacher film Batman Forever. This image was taken from the website

Why (one might ask) get a degree in both Psychology and History? I feel that this will allow me to broaden my horizons as a psychiatrist and that if I have an understanding of my clients’ culture as well as the history of their home countries I will have more of an insight as to what may have influenced their ideology.

Outside of the academics, my diversions include editing videos and creating tributes of films that I find to be interesting or visually appealing as well as recreating my favorite Gordon Ramsay dishes. I am a self-taught video editor and have familiarized myself with programs such as Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, as well as iMovie. I began editing in 2007 by using nothing more than Windows Movie Maker and have since then moved on to more sophisticated editing software.  When I look back at the first video that I made as a child I can hardly believe how far I’ve come. I hope to conquer After Effects soon, though I recognize that it will take both time and patience. I’ve dabbled with the program once or twice in the past, but I found it to be incredibly daunting. If all goes according to plan, I shall have the program mastered by the end of 2018! 

(warning, this contains profanity and should only be viewed by a mature audience)

Films used: Under The Red Hood, Gone Girl, Batman vs Superman, Thor: Dark World, Thor, The Avengers, Wrath of the Titans, Fracture, Return To Sender, Watchmen, Suicide Squad

Editing program: Sony Vegas Pro 13

Song: So Close by Ólafur Arnalds

As for cooking, while I am no Julia Child that does not stop me from enjoying myself in the kitchen and testing recipes that are far above my level of expertise. Recently I made a strawberry clafoutis for my grandparents, alas it was visually unappealing due to the fact that I was forced to use frozen strawberries. Nevertheless one must recognize that an aesthetically pleasing dish does not necessarily to equate to an appetizing dish. I have had the displeasure of tasting many beautiful dishes that were lacking in flavor. What my clafoutis lacked in elegance it made up for in flavor. Below I will be providing a picture of my attempt to recreate Gordon Ramsay’s fluffy scrambled eggs. 

This is a picture that I took of my recreation of Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

My expectations for this class are as follows: my writing skills will be improved, I will have learned the academic definition of what public history is, and I will be a more well rounded person for having been in this class (ideally I’d like to have a better understanding of certain events or of the culture(s) that we will be studying during this Spring semester).

In my humble opinion, I feel that hands on activities are crucial in any type of learning environment. I realize that not every subject is able to include kinesthetic learning techniques, but it certainly helps when a professor tries to incorporate this type of learning in the classroom. Another technique that has made it less arduous on myself as well as other students is when professors highlight what we will be learning at the beginning of the lesson and repeat what we ought to have learned once the lesson has concluded.

This is an image of a stick figure student leaping for joy while holding their assignment that received an A+ in the air. This image was taken from

The Short Introduction of Jacob

Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Henson, but I simply go by Jacob. I don’t normally have nicknames, so it’s just Jacob. I know…kind of lame…but that’s me.

Anyways, I am a 22 year old regular guy, senior, at St. Mary’s University seeking a double major in Theology and International Relations. People then usually response to that with, “Wow, that’s an interesting combination. What do you plan on doing with that?” I in turn respond to that with five awkward seconds of silence…It’s still up in the the air for me but I usually end up saying that I want to find some kind of work in the nonprofit world.

With graduation just around the corner, I anticipate to graduate in the fall of 2018; what comes after that still scares me. I’m still not sure where I see myself working, but my train of thought thinks it may be with HEB. See, I currently work in the Bakery department of the newest HEB that opened up in the Alamo Ranch area and I say that I might see myself working with HEB after graduation because HEB offers positions in the Public Affairs & Diversity department. After understanding what the heck that entails, you might then understand why I think this suits me.

See, this department basically teams up with nonprofits and serves in a variety of ways in sponsored events. Knowing that I’ll have a year background with HEB by the time I graduate, I infer that this could be a good fit for me. At least, that’s the idea for now anyways…

In regards to this class, however, The Power of the Past: Public History, I hope to learn more specifically about how history is structured and presented to help the public learn effectively yet also have fun with it. In other words, I’m curious to know the strategies public history uses to effectively communicate with and educate people. Additionally, I’m curious to know if there are public histories that are more important than others, and if so, where are these histories located?

Lastly, touching on the point of ‘what a teacher has done for me to best facilitate my learning’ would most definitely have to been the way teachers give detailed feedback to me.

I appreciate when my teachers leave comments on my essays or quizzes when they like my responses, or on the other hand, think I could improve them in such a way. This is especially important to me on essays. For example, I appreciate this one professor I had last year, Dr. Keyes, who would leave several comments on the essays I turned in online. I believe she did this so that she could either reaffirm what I learned from my work or highlight the areas I didn’t understand as well as I could have.

Well, with all this to say, I leave writing that I look forward to a great semester with you all and to the discussions that will come about!

My Introduction

Hello, I am John Hernandez, I’m from San Antonio and am a senior. I graduated high school from Holmes Business Careers and attended Northwest Vista College before I transferred to St. Mary’s in 2016. I used to be a Criminal Justice major before my friends helped me realize that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. History had been an interest of mine since I was young, and I had decided that I would like to teach it. I think that this class will better help me teach my students if I have a better understanding of how to explain history, especially local history, to them. I do my best when my teachers give me quick and detailed feedback, I had one professor who would give feedback within a few days and would give a detailed outline of what I did well and what I could improve on before the next assignment was due. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can this semester from this class.

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Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline Molina. I’m a freshman at St. Mary’s and a graduate of the John Jay Science and Engineering Academy. What I would like to learn in this class is how to learn how to efficiently present my work and how to communicate it to my audience. I am interested in public history because I’ve lived in San Antonio, but don’t have a clear background on how it came to be.  What a teacher has best done to facilitate my learning is by challenging me. I had this teacher who would ask me a question on something and once I told them the answer they would sometimes say to prove it. Other times they would pick a topic and we would have a debate about it which really helped me grasp a lot of information through research. I’m very much looking forward to learning about public history!

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Hello everyone, my name is Grayson Ginder. I am a transfer student from northern Virginia and I am excited for the semester as well as what this class has to offer. I have a great passion for learning and teaching history in my life. In this class I would like to learn how to present history in a professional manner so I can continue my pursuit as a history teacher. There is one thing that a teacher has done that has worked best to help me with learning, which is great communication. Great communication helps me because it gives me additional clarification if I need it. I look forward to the rest of the semester with you all.

Introduction to Me

My name is Eric Villalpando and I am a senior double majoring in theology and history. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas and was born and raised here I hope to enter into graduate school at Notre Dame when I graduate and be apart of the ACE program that they have there. ACE stands for the Alliance for Catholic Education which dedicates itself to teaching and equipping teachers for the catholic school setting. I would be a teacher and I would be a student at Notre Dame both of which have been dreams of mine since I first started college. I want to teach for two reasons for the students and for Jesus, this sounds funny but I truly believe that is where my ministry is. I love working with kids especially teenagers, teaching seemed like one of the best ways I could interact with kids not only on an intellectual level but on a supportive level. For me high school was such a difficult time I was transitioning on every level and it was a real struggle to handle friends, myself, and growing up. I lacked belief or motivation in myself but luckily I had teachers who supported me. Specifically a Spanish teacher of mine helped me really believe in myself and what I could do. She pulled me aside one year in high school after I turned in a half hearted paper and said “Eric what are you doing? You are so much better then this.” It was the first time someone checked me and really made me think she supported me and helped me improve by simply believing in me.  In this class I hope to continue to expand my knowledge in learning how to best facilitate the concept of history.  I think content is one part of history dates and times and sources are really what make up what we know about historical events dates and people. But what I really want to begin to interact with history and dive into with it is how history is taken and explained how history is taken and shown to the public. In understanding its many forms I hope to be able in a classroom to share with students. For me public history can expand our understanding of the way we express and help people learn and understand it all. That is why I want to start to interact with it more.