St. Stanislaus Church


St. Stanislaus Church's front entrance, taken from the parking lot on a sunny afternoon.
The front entrance to St. Stanislaus Church

Known for being the second oldest Polish parish in the United States, St. Stanislaus Church stands far from the busy main street in Bandera, closer to the original survey location and modern day suburbs. The current limestone structure was built in 1876 by Polish immigrants who first settled the area in the 1850s. Gothic styling dominates the exterior of the church, while the interior is much more conservative, reflecting the parish mission of being focused on Catholic teachings.


The church is flanked by several buildings on the surrounding streets, with two old rectories for nuns, now a museum and church office, an adoration chapel (Now the priest’s quarters.), and the now defunct St. Jospeh’s school, which serves as a meeting hall for local christian groups.


Bandera County Courthouse

Bandera County Courthouse from a street level view on a clear afternoon, flanked by two oak trees on either side.
Bandera County Courthouse from the lower sidewalk | Courtesy of Peter Coons

Built in the late 1800s, the Bandera County Courthouse is one of the oldest and tallest structures within the Bandera city limits. Built of locally quarried limestone, the building was designed by B.F. Trestor Jr. and built by immigrant Russian stonemasons. A Renaissance revival styled building with colonial Spanish influence, the courthouse stands out from all other buildings of the same era in the city.

For a city that claims to be the “Cowboy Capital of the World”, the County Courthouse stands out as a living testament to the cities wild west heritage as a living reminder of the past.