The Alamo

The Alamo and the history behind it easily belong among the most iconic historical pieces of Texas and San Antonio history.  The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 proved a decisive battle in the Texas Revolution. Though the Battle itself ended in a Mexican victory, word of Mexican general Santa Anna’s cruelness reached Texan settlers and encouraged them to take arms against the army. Following the 13-day battle, the Mexican Army was defeated at San Jacinto a month later on April 21, 1836.

World’s Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic

Virgin Mary Mosaic, San Antonio, , Texas

The City of San Antonio is known for many things; The Alamo, The Riverwalk, Fiesta, Six Flags and many more. Of these known titles of the growing city is the World’s largest Virgin Mary Mosaic.  The 15 foot mosaic, located on the Westside of San Antonio,  was dedicated to the Guadalupe Plaza in 2004, by artist Jesse Trevino. This hidden gem of the city is not only beautiful to look at, but it highlights the rich cultural background of the cultural heritage of those who reside on this particular part of the city.

Vulcan Materials Quarry

Vulcan Materials is a mining quarry focused in San Antonio Texas and is the United States’ largest producer of construction aggregates.  From humble beginnings as a family company in 1909, Vulcan has since become a massive powerhouse of building materials spanning several continents on the globe. The huge increase of available building materials made consistent construction accessible to both the common man and the large company. Vulcan is among the few quarries that receive near perfect safety checks on all machines, programs, and procedures year-round. Another bonus to Vulcan is that this quarry leads the push on more environmentally friendly mining practices while still maximizing gains.

Woodlawn Lake: Little Lake in the Big City


photo of boat ramp at Woodlawn Lake
Boat ramp at Woodlawn Lake | Courtesy of Tyler Sleeter

Woodlawn Lake turned 100 years old in 2018.  The lake serves as a place for community events, celebrations, and outdoor fun.  Boating was once common at the lake, but now all that remains is the boat ramp and the former boat house.

It impresses me that Woodlawn lake changes to keep up with the needs of the community.  Recently the city has focused on health and an exercise station was added to the main trial around the lake and a dog park was built at the casting pond.

New Deal Program Benefits San Antonio Zoo

Image of WPA plaque at San Antonio Zoo near lion exhibit
WPA plaque located near lion exhibit in San Antonio Zoo

Lingering around the lion exhibit, visitors to the San Antonio Zoo might spot a plaque reading “Works Progress Administration 1935-1937.”  The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a New Deal Program developed to reduce the unemployment rate during the Great Depression.  The WPA built this section of the San Antonio Zoo.

Image of enclosure at San Antonio Zoo built by WPA
Brief section of San Antonio Zoo built by the WPA

This surprised me because it took something from a textbook and made it interesting.  I have passed this plaque on countless trips and never noticed it before.  Until seeing it, I was unaware New Deal programs built anything, let alone zoo enclosures.

Barret Memorial Bell Tower

St. Mary's University Bell Tower, located in San Antonio, Texas
St. Mary’s University Bell Tower dedicated to Charles T. Barrett Jr.

The bell tower at St. Mary’s University, located in San Antonio, is the focal point of the school and its illustrious history.  The 100-foot tower was dedicated for St. Mary’s alumnus, Charles T. Barrett, whose vision of the tower was to bring together the St. Mary’s community.

The St. Mary’s bell tower is at the center of St. Mary’s where it is on full display. It is one of the most notable aspects of the campus. It brings out a sense of pride to the students, faculty, and alumni because it displays the overall beauty of St. Mary’s University.